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KiYoMaMu stands for children’s yoga mantra music and is the result of an intensive long-term cooperation of the children’s yoga teacher Leila Oostendorp with the singer, conductor and musician Philipp Stegmüller from Munich. With KiYoMaMu, children benefit greatly from the harmonizing effects of yoga. It strengthens the child’s awareness for the motor function of the body. For the first time, KiYoMaMu combines music and yoga exercises adapted to children and their physical system. The healing power of singing together, practising physical exercises, as well as relaxation, breathing and concentration exercises increase the sense of happiness and strengthen creativity and self-confidence.

The initiators of KiYoMaMu, Leila Oostendorp and Philipp Stegmüller, founded the Leila Kadri Oostendorp & Philipp Stegmüller GbR in 2013. The first joint project is the production and publication of the CD “Schön dass du da bist” – a guided yoga lesson for children with instructions and songs to join in and sing along. The CD in German language is available since 20.12.2013 in the trade and was fully reproduced in English in 2016 under the title “I’m glad you’re here”  Leila Oostendorp is a trained yoga teacher and lives in Munich. As an expert in children’s yoga, she conducts courses in schools, kindergartens and private studios. She is the founder of the “Kinderyogawelt”, director of a “work group” for children’s yoga teachers for Munich and co-author of children’s books. Philipp Stegmüller is the founder of the “Mantra Singing Circle”. For many years he has led events to sing songs and mantras together in yoga groups, seminars and singing circles.

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