What is Kidsyoga Music

KiYoMaMu stands for KidsYogaMantraMusic and is the result of an intensive long-term cooperation of the children’s yoga teacher Leila Oostendorp with the singer, conductor and musician Philipp Stegmüller from Munich.
With KiYoMaMu children benefit to a high degree from the harmonizing effects of yoga: it strengthens the awareness of the child of its motor functions. For the first time, KiYoMaMu combines music and yoga exercises adapted to children and their whole body-mind system.
The healing power of singing together mantras, physical exercises, as well as relaxation, breathing and concentration exercises increase the sense of happiness and strengthens creativity and self-confidence.

What customers say

I just wanted to tell you how incredibly awesome the cd is. It runs daily to relax, especially the Om Shanti is just wonderful for us. Thank you very much!


I immediately took the CD to kindergarten to introduce it to my students. We had lots of fun. The CD will get a permanent place in my lessons. Thanks for that.


Wow, that's cool! Be proud, it is so appealing and makes you feel good, you want to have the CD right away to have the feeling again !!! Thank you! Have a nice day!



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