“I’m glad your here” CD & Booklet


A guided Yoga session for kids with exercise instructions and songs to join in. The Yoga sessions follow the traditional Hatha Yoga style and incorporate the movement and breathing rhythm of kids in a unique way. Kids will have fun doing Yoga exercises and singing along! Additionally they will benefit by practising English in a playful way!

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Yoga benefits children in many ways and is a lot of fun!

„I’m Glad You’re Here“ is our first Kiyomamu CD in English. It includes 60 minutes of playtime and combines songs and exercises for children!

Practicing yoga along with specially composed music is a new concept that was introduced by KiYoMaMu to the German speaking markets in December 2013.

The use of music and and encouraging the exercises attracts the attention of the children immediately.

The thus created mental and emotional imagery is supported by expressive pictures in a 40 page booklet, both guiding and inspiring the Asana Practice.

This new combination of Yoga and music is very beneficial, allowing a new experience for children and parents. No prior knowledge is necessary and it is suitable for all levels.

Through deep relaxation and soothing meditative elements, Yoga can help children to recover from the stresses of daily life and sensory overload. All of the Yoga exercises follow the sequential system of classical Hatha yoga and are designed especially for children.

On our homepage www.kiyomamu.com interviews and writings from leading experts further elaborate on the harmonizing effects of Yoga. All songs are joyful and fun to sing along to.

Singing is healthy, makes us happy and helps us to connect with each other!